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Faux leather pants in a french inspired outfit

March 5, 2018

Striped sweater / Pulover cu dungi | Faux Leather pants / Pantaloni :: Zara | Beret / Bereta | Bag / Geanta :: YVY | Beige coat / Palton

Hello there and welcome to the first post of March!

As you may already know, March is my absolute favorite Month not only because it´s my birthday but also because everything comes back to life, there are flowers everywhere, the sun is starting to make an appearance more often and my mood is so much better during Spring.

Winter is not over yet though so, coats are still a must as are boots, scarves and beanies or, berets. In today’s post I wore one of my favorite color combinations ever! I mean, I know I am wearing only one color but you know what I mean. Black and white is something you can´t go wrong with especially when paired with a neutral color like beige/nude.

I wanted a simple yet chic outfit, with feminine but also little bits of masculine vibes. So, I wore a pair of faux leather pants, a pair of ankle boots and a classic nude coat for the masculine part and then I added a striped black and white sweater, a cute beret and the cutest little bag for the feminine and chic part.

I hope you’ll like this outfit and hopefully I’ll be back soon with more colorful outfits!

Kisses and hugs!

fashion, outfits

Plaid coat, embroidered skirt and over the knee boots

February 11, 2018

Plaid coat / Palton | Embroiderd skirt / Fusta | Pink Sweater / Pulover

Hello, my lovelies!

I am well aware that Spring is not so near but, as always, I am too eager for it to arrive and I am starting to dress accordingly already.  To be honest, I wore this outfit a few weeks ago when the weather was quite lovely and the sun appeared for a little while. Oh, I can’t wait for the weather to get better and get rid of all the winter clothing.

As you may already know, I’ve been quite obsessed with everything plaid ( just look at my latest outfit posts) so this gorgeous plaid coat will be no surprise. I have a similar one but more thin and Spring/Autumn appropriate so I really needed a thicker one.  Seeing as the coat is quite classic and it has a masculine shape and feel,  I decided to wear it with a cute, spring-ish outfit to make the outfit more feminine and more me.

The floral embroidered mini skirt is one of my favorite items I’ve recently added to my closet! I wore it on New Years in a different way but I really wanted to create a simpler, everyday outfit with it. I think a basic sweater can be the perfect choice when you want to cool down another item. The pink one I’m wearing makes me feel about the sweaters my mum used to wear when I was little so that can only mean one thing: I love it!

I wore my trusty over the knee boots, a black bag and a pair of round sunglasses and ta-da! Outfit ready!

Hope you’ll like it and feel inspired!

Lots of hugs and kisses!

Plaid coat / Palton | Embroiderd skirt / Fusta | Pink Sweater / Pulover