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November 3, 2014
Hello, girls!
Hope you had a lovely week-end! On Saturday, we watched a lot of episodes of White Collar, we’ve become obsessed with it, now we have to wait for the new season, excited!! In the afternoon we celebrated the 3rd birthday of one of my nieces, it’s incredible how fast the time passes, it seems like yesterday she was so tiny that I couldn’t find a dress to fit her. Someone asked me on my facebook if she was mine and I have to admit that it seemed unreal, how could she be mine? But it could, I am already 24 and I could be a mom, but not for now. If you have asked me some years ago when I would like to have a baby, I would definitely would’ve said: when I’ll be 23 years old. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life with a baby, I feel like I have so many things to do and so many places to see and I couldn’t give him/her all the attention needed.
With all that said, I must admit that I adore babies and I can’t wait to have my own gorgeous one.


Well, time to talk about my outfit.
On Sunday, we decided to go for a walk, the weather was so nice, a little cold but the sun was shining so, so pretty!
It was the perfect weather to wear my new peachy coat, oh, how I like it! And look at those grey details, perfeeect!
I had so many options for this but in the end I decided to go with something really simple, because, simplicity rules!
So, I wore a white shirt, I love this one in particular, it’s so smooth and I love its stiff collar. A pair of grey, faux leather pants were the perfect choice. Oh, and they are fluffy underneath, how cool is that?
Even though I chose a business shirt and a statement necklace, I went for a pair of sneakers, I loved the contrast!
See you soon, kisses! <3




Shirt/Camasa :: Massimo Dutti | Coat/Palton :: Lovelywholesale (here/aici) | Pants/Pantaloni :: New Yorker | Bag/Geanta :: M30




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