Three Apps to Help You Learn about Beauty Products

February 5, 2016

As you travel the world, you will encounter new brands of beauty products that you’ll probably want to try. However, every new region and culture will make use of different beauty practices as well as practice different regimens and their beauty products may contain a different variety of ingredients. Any dermatologist can tell you that one of the worst things you can do for your skin is to blindly try on products, and the best practice is to ensure that a product is safe before putting it on.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find this information – different languages and labels can make understanding ingredients on bottles tricky.
After all, we don’t even spend as much time viewing labels in our native tongues as Science Daily says we should, and when the lists are in a different language, it’s much worse. Luckily, there are several different tools you can use to ensure you’re only using products meant for you, and some of these can be found right in your mobile phone. According to the company behind Pocket Fruity, growth in mobile internet is among the fastest growing trends on the internet landscape to date, and this means more people are relying on their phones to access information. As such, developers have created several apps to help shoppers everywhere.

Need help finding out if a product is good for you? Try the following apps:

1. Think Dirty
When the Think Dirty app came out, it made headlines for the amazing functionality it provided its users. With a database of over 2,900 brands from all over the world, which can be accessed with a simple barcode scan, Think Dirty has helped thousands find out whether the products they’re using are safe or not.


2. Skin Deep
Skin Deep works in much the same way as Think Dirty – you scan a barcode and the app gives you a safety score for the product. Skin Deep has a database that is more mainstream, however, and would probably be better used in more developed countries.


3. Good Guide
Perhaps the most comprehensive of these apps, Good Guide offers information not just on beauty products, but on other items such as household cleaning materials and even food. Its database is segregated into sections, making it much easier to navigate, and it doesn’t just provide you with information on whether the items are good for you, it also tells you if the items are good for the environment.

While each app has its ups and downs, the best thing to do is to make use of all of these apps together, ensuring that you have the biggest database to pull information from as possible. With the help of mobile apps, we can now make sure we’re using nothing but the best beauty products, not just for our skin, but for the environment as well.

I really hope this information will be useful for you! Have a lovely week-end! <3



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