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Floral embroidered blouse :: Autumn wardrobe

November 29, 2016

Z A F U L pants / pantaloni  ||  Z A F U L floral embroidered blouse / bluza  ||  S A M M Y D R E S S bag / geanta  ||  Shein coat / haina ( similar )  ||  C C C shoes / pantofi  (  ||   ||  )  || C A S I O vintage watch / ceas  || S A M M Y D R E S S bracelet / bratara

Hello, lovely ones!  Here you have my last “Autumn wardrobe” outfit and I am so exciteeeed to start the “Winter wardrobe” posts! 

Yesterday I went buying a cup of coffee because I got crazy when I saw the Penguin cups ( If you don’t know, penguins are my favorite thing in the world, I love them and I want to have everything with printed penguins on it. Actually, I would love to have a real one but, let’s be honest, that’s impossible and I hate seeing them suffer. In the past, I would love seeing them at zoos but now I hope to see all the zoos in the world closed, I don’t see the point of keeping all those poor animals closed  for our amusement, I will never ever take my kid to a zoo and I surely won’t go to one ever again! 

Going back to my outfit, I wore some amazing new items along with some oldies but goldies. For starters, I just received this amazing floral embroidered blouse that I am absolutely in love with, even Alecs said it was gorgeous so that means a lot, trust me! The fabric seems old and look at those embroidered flowers, gosh, I can’t even… Decided to wear it with a pair of black, ripped, skinny pants that I like a lot because of their ripped hems. I’ve been loving this kind of pants and I wanted to take advantage of the “not so horrible weather” to wear them with my beloved brogues, you know I’ve been obsessed with them this Fall.  I think this is the last time I’ll be wearing them because Winter is coming!

The fluffy coat is also an oldie and I’ve been waiting patiently to wear it again because, well, pink and fluffy scream my name! Another new item that I like a lot is the tiny little bag with gold hardware. Oh, I think it’s the cutest little bag and I can’t wait to wear it with so many outfits!

Hope you’ll like this outfit and you’ll get inspired!

Have a lovely long week-end!

floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-2floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-5floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-11 floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-3floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-6

floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-8floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-14 floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-9 floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-10floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-12floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-15floral-embroidered-blouse-pink-fur-coat-ripped-black-jeans-brogues-winter-outfit-13

Z A F U L  pants / pantaloni

  Z A F U L  floral embroidered blouse / bluza

 S A M M Y D R E S S  bag / geanta

 Shein coat / haina ( similar )

 C C C shoes / pantofi  (  ||   ||  )

C A S I O  vintage watch / ceas

S A M M Y D R E S S  bracelet / bratara



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  • Reply cris November 29, 2016 at 12:21 PM

    Ce tinuta frumoasa! <3
    Imi plac toate piesele, arata super impreuna! <3
    Ador paharelul cu pinguinasul, e adorabil, il pun in vitrina! ^_^

    • Reply Pink Wish Blog November 29, 2016 at 12:23 PM

      Multumeeeeesc! De abia astept sa vad cum o sa le porti si tu! <3

      Si euuu, e asa dragalas <3 <3 <3

  • Reply Oana November 29, 2016 at 1:18 PM

    Aww, nici nu stiu ce imi place mai mult din pozele astea. Paharul, bluza sau gentuta <3 Fotografiile in sine sunt foarte reusite. Pupici!

  • Reply Mamalina November 30, 2016 at 12:02 AM

    Amazing details on the blouse! I love it! And not to mention the coat! It’s like a fluffy teddy bear that I would hug non stop :). Super cool look and you look radiant!


  • Reply Bookish December 2, 2016 at 4:39 PM

    Bluza e adorabilă, aproape mă tentează să mi-o comand și eu <3

    • Reply Pink Wish Blog December 2, 2016 at 8:00 PM

      Daa, este superba! Stiu ca Zara avea una cam la fel, aia nu stiu cum era, asta e foarte calitativa <3

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