Soufeel bracelet

October 12, 2015

I received my second Soufeel bracelet about a month ago or so but until now I hadn’t had the time to properly show it to you although I wore it in my latest posts. This time, I choose some charms for me and some for two important women in my life.

At Soufeel, they provide free shipping and 365-day return service, so that you can enjoy a risk-free shopping experience there!  Here is an extra 5% off coupon code: BLOG5, with which you can save extra 5% on any orders.

soufeel-bracelet-travel-charms-luggage-camera-pink-wish (1) soufeel-bracelet-travel-charms-luggage-camera-pink-wish (2)

For me, I only chose travel inspired charms because it’s one of my favorites things to do in the world! Firstly I chose the travel car and trailer set! This set is amazing and it reminds me of the first trip me and my husband took outside the country, we went around Europe with the car and a trailer and it was memorable! It’s the perfect charm that symbolizes my love for travelling with the car, spending time in campings and visit whatever we want because we aren’t on a schedule!soufeel-travel-car-trailer-pink-wish-3The second one is a camera charm! I think it’s pretty obvious that I love photography and each time we go somewhere I become obsessed with capturing every moment and every beautiful street, building, coffee and all the stuff I like!

The third one is an amazing suitcase charm that I think it’s my favorite, I think it’s the most qualitative one and it’s so cute! It goes without saying that a suitcase it a must while travelling and it has to be a beautiful one! <3soufeel-luggage-charm-pink-wish

The next charm was for my mom, my amazing, most loving, caring and beautiful mom! The moment I saw this devoted mom charm I knew it was meant for her because it says it all! She was so happy when I gave it to her and I will have some photos to prove it in the future! Just wait and you’ll see! soufeel-devoted-mom-heart-charm (1) soufeel-devoted-mom-heart-charm (2) soufeel-devoted-mom-heart-charm (3) soufeel-devoted-mom-heart-charm (4)And last but not least, I chose this beautiful peacock charm for my godmother, it’s so simple yet so complex, I think it matches her way of being a lot! I am grateful for having her as my family now! <3


All the products are sterling silver and what I really liked about them is that every piece came in a secured plastic little bag. The bracelet and all the charms come in a lovely box and you also have a a gift bag with the name of the brand on it. I chose another basic bracelet because I wanted mom to have the same one as me! <3

Don’t forget the  5% off coupon code: BLOG5, with which you can save extra 5% on any orders.You can also search Soufeel on Google to find their official store!





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  • Reply cris October 12, 2015 at 8:48 PM

    Ce frumos ai facut pozele, imi plac la nebunie si charmurile <3 :*

  • Reply Ruxandra October 13, 2015 at 2:49 PM

    E atat de frumoasa si ai pus-o atat de bine in evidenta prin intermediul pozelor! Superb, absolut superb :*

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