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April 16, 2015

I love stories, I love listening to people telling stories about their families, their life, about how they met the love of their love or about how much fun they had visiting a new city. Stories are meaningful, stories are made of precious memories and those memories are part of who we are. Our life is not a glass full of plain water, there are happy bubbles and sad ones but it’s up to us to make the best of the happy ones and to use the sad ones in order to make us better, stronger and ready.

We often choose to remember only the bad times and ignore all of those magical things that had happen to us maybe because it’s easier, maybe because sadness and grief are so powerful and they manage to beat the happiness or maybe because we forget what is like to be happy, to feel so much joy we don’t even know how to express it.

Good or bad, our memories are important to our lives and we should always remember them. They are part of us but, sometimes, we feel the need to have a proof of their existence. That’s why many of us keep diaries, others are obsessed with capturing every moment and make photo albums and, others, choose different tokens to symbolize a special memory.

Today I am showing you my new bracelet from Soufeel, or, better said, a part of who I am, a bracelet full of special charms that symbolize things I love and so many memories about every single one of them.

It’s a bracelet full of love and you’ll see that this is the theme I chose. In fact, I didn’t chose it to be like this, it just turned out to be a love bracelet.

So, let’s see together what I chose and why!

House of Love Charm – I think this is one perfect charm and I chose it because I have two amazing parents, they have always loved me so much and gave me everything a child could wish. Those two little hearts represent them and the house represents my loving home. You know, home is where the love is and I had and have an amazing home!

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (14)

Paw Print Charm – Oh, this charm is so cute! It doesn’t have just some paws, they are heart shaped ones! Such a lovely detail that means so much! I love my baby girl so much, I can’t even express how much! It’s not a human being but she is capable of so much love, I absolutely adore her and she has helped me so much, she helped me be a better person and grow a lot! I can’t imagine my life without her!

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (12)

Best Love for You Dangle Charm – another amazing one! The clover and the horseshoe are well known luck symbols. And together with the sparkly heart they manage to perfectly symbolize my relationship. I was so lucky to find my boyfriend, my fiancee and future husband. We’ve been together for more than 9 years and we’ve been through a lot. We love and respect each other and I can’t imagine the person I would be if we weren’t together. I am really lucky to be with him, to love him and to be loved by him!

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (1)

Pink Crystal Heart Charm – I think this one is pretty obvious! You all know I love pink and that it’s a big part of who I am. I am not ashamed of this color and I think it can bring happiness and smiles on people’s faces! I love it, I named my blog after it because it’s a color that gives hope and makes me dream big! My baby’s name is Pinkie and I plan on continuing using this color’s name on many future projects!

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (13)

Double Heart Safety Chain – because we can always find safety in love! Because love gives us power and hope and because I want to love and be loved by the important people in my life, because even if love isn’t enough, it gives us power to make everything better!

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (11)

There are so many amazing charms and I think everyone can choose some special ones to symbolize the things they love, their memories and their dreams. All the products are sterling silver, and the shipping is free if you place an order of over $50, 365 days returns.

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (5)

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (9)

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (10)

soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (3)
soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (8) soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (7) soufeel-bracelet-charms-pink-wish (2)

You can check the online store here!



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  • Reply cris April 16, 2015 at 5:25 PM

    Ce frumos ai descris povestea fiecarui charm, I’m in love! <3

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